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What is CSSillize

CSSilize is the project management tool for slicing works—slicing of PSD, AI and layered PNG files into XHTML/CSS, GroupDeal, FPPlatform, FPPlatformUltra, FPPlatformUltraPlus, SFPlatform, PeeweePay, Tweetpic, Party Planet, MODx, OpenCart, Drupal, Email Template and WordPress theme development. It's a 2 years old online service developed with 11+ years of experience in the field of slicing and web development. Through CSSilize, over 3,000 pages have been delivered for direct clients and outsourced companies.

If you're a slicing company impressed by our project management tool and want to use, we'll be happy to help.

Our Process

  • Open
  • In progress
  • Delivered QA
  • QA Started
    • QA Certified
      • Client Rejected
      • Client Accepted
        • closed
    • QA Rejected
      • Bug Fixing
  • Life cycle management through version control system (svn) and bug tracking tool.
  • Your project undergoes complete software life cycle
  • CSS developers slicing and converting your PSD designs to valid XHTML/CSS or WordPress themes
  • QA team reports standards or browser compatibility issues
  • You report any feedbacks or issues
  • You receive QA certified design template more....


Special project page for seeing activities and managing the project.

  • Files are updated through svn version control system
  • Instant bug reporting; may add screenshots if needed.
  • Instant preview for both XHTML and WordPress projects on every revisions/changes from developers (e.g., WFC-tx) more....
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Our Clients

  1. Ahsan
  2. Cisco
  3. HP


  1. [Image: XHTML] [Image: I Know So and So]

    I Know So and So

    Great service. Quick. Glad I could follow along the progress. Haven't implemented it yet, but so far, looks like you did a perfect job. Thank you.

  2. [Image: XHTML] [Image: BCCL]


    Great work and great testing. Awesome communication. I cant think about taking another coder for my xhtml works. Only Agriya. A+++++++++++++++

  3. [Image: XHTML] [Image: MH]


    You guys have done a great job, THANK YOU. I will be recommending you to many of our clients. Thanks again Ron

  4. [Image: XHTML] [Image: hp finger]

    hp finger

    When our customer urged us to launch their HP finger site immediately, the work, you did was tremendous. I was happy to work with you, guys. I appreciate your commitment towards your work and the timely delivery of the site.

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